What is the best way to bulk scan photos?

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You can buy photo scanning devices that take photos one-by-one and scan them very quickly. These are usually a bit more expensive than simple flatbed scanners and they are useless once you finished scanning your photos. But the results are great and they are very easy to use.

Another option is to ship the photos to a photo scanning service for processing. This will take a few days or weeks, but the results are usually great and you don’t need to struggle with the scanning. Fees are fairly high if you have a big collection. See a review of some photo scanning services here.

I firmly belive that the best DIY method of scanning photos is to use a flatbed scanner with a 3rd party photo scanning software. These software allow you to scan multiple photos in one go and then break down the image into standalone photos and save them to files. Digital postprocessing is also included in some of these software to improve quality of results.


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