What is the best way to design content in WordPress?

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What is the best way to design content in WordPress?

Best way to design content in WordPress. You could probably use a combination of a few plugins plus a bit of hacking to accomplish what you’re thinking. It may not be automated, but starting at this point you can discover how much your users really like the setup and then find a developer to build exactly what you need.

best way to design content in WordPress

So I’d start by looking at something like the Gravity Forms plugin (http://www.gravityforms.com/) as your tool to create your web forms as I’ve HEARD that it can be used to set up a user-generated content page with your form, then code the return fields to display the user’s responses from the database based upon their user id. I’d go to their support forums and dig in on this one.

Another option (though would likely cause you to start over with your membership site). Is to use something like BuddyPress to run your membership website and then the profile extender plugin (forgot the link).

That allows you to capture more fields (in this instance, the names of their pets,). Which they can go back and edit. At any time just like they would editing any other online account they have. Might be an approach?

Hope that helps generate some ideas!


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