What’s the best way to manage several different WordPress blogs effectively?

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The best way to manage many WordPress sites and blogs is Perfect Dashboard tool. I always recommend this one. You can connect as many sites as you want (CMS doesn’t matter, it could be WordPress, Joomla or any other).

With Perfect Dashboard you can:

1. Make schedule backups

You can set schedule daily/weekly/monthly backups or make it manually. Integrity is checked automatically, so you can be sure that files weren’t damaged during transfer to secure cloud, where they are scanned for potential malware and against custom changes in CMS core files.
When you need it, you can restore your backup with just one click.

2. Make updates

We all know how important updates are. With Perfect Dashboard you can make a bulk update of all your sites. The unique feature is that your website will be visually compared before and after the update, to make sure that everything goes right. If something went, wrong you would see the report with differences.

3. Test

Visual tests during the update are not all. Perfect Dashboard let you make security audit and check the condition of your site. You will get the full report with your brand so that it will be ready to send to your clients.

These are the most important benefits of using Perfect Dashboard. I use it every day, and I recommend it to everyone who want to maintain websites efficiently. If you wants to see how it works in your maintenance work, you can try it for free at PerfectDashboard.com


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