Where can I find a good comparison of WordPress vs Joomla?

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WordPress VS Joomla

You can find a good comparison of WordPress Vs Joomla Here WordPress vs Joomla – Both are a tool which can give you a platform for making your own free website.
The WhatsWP website is the best website for finding a comparison of WordPress vs Joomla.

wordpress vs joomla


WordPress –

  • Released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg.
  • 75 million websites are WordPress based, 160 million script downloads and 39 million WordPress.com supported ones. The number continues growing.
  • Account for 58.4% market share since 2016.
  • 5000+ free themes and 50,000+ free plugins, plus countless paid ones.
  • Updates frequency is 42 days.

Joomla –

  • Released in 2003 by Mambo.
  • 2.5 million websites are Joomla based on 75 million script downloads.
  • Account for 7.2% market share. This is the second most popular CMS or website builder.
  • 1000+ free themes and 5000+ free plugins.
  • Updates frequency is 36 days.
  • Ease of Use – WordPress Wins

As WordPress is very easy and comfortable for new users. It wins in the comparison of ‘Ease Of Use’
Themes and Plugins – WordPress Wins
With WordPress, there are thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes available in the communities, with which webmasters could personalize the appearance and customize the functions of their sites for comprehensive usage easily.

Security – Joomla Wins

Both Joomla and WordPress are secure website building platforms with many security extensions in the market. However, due to WordPress targets for beginners, while Joomla is created for developers, the latter puts extra energy on security building to avoid hacks and vulnerabilities.

SEO Friendliness – WordPress Wins

WordPress is designed for SEO use. Thus, websites building on WordPress has larger chances to get a good ranking position on search engine result pages.

WordPress VS Joomla > Conclusion


Now, it is clear that WordPress is suitable for the simple websites, such as the blogs, personal websites and easy-to-manage online platforms. Note that the plugins can help you extend the functionality to anything you need. In addition, to use this tool, the technical skills and experiences are not necessary.

As for Joomla, this option is suitable if you need more content and structure flexibility. However, its usage is more complex than WordPress.


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