Who is the best BPO company in either the US, Philippines, or Brazil to outsource email and live chat support for a SaaS software company (in terms of number of representatives, training, quality, price, communication skills, etc.)?

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Price is usually $4 to $12 per hour per agent depending on their location, English language ability, total volume, training practices and management oversight.

This business is really competitive, so you’re going to get most companies saying they can do most things. To help find the best BPO service, I’d ask questions relating back to their hiring and management processes, which when done incorrectly, are usually at the heart of quality issues. For example:

  • How do you hire agents?
  • How do you run training?
  • What’s your employee churn rate?

Ask for a client referral and sample responses. Interview a potential BPO partner the same way you would interview a full time hire. Ask for specifics, not generalizations.

The biggest differentiator after price IMO is management capacity. If you care about your response quality and customer relationships, you want to make sure that you’re actively training your agents and helping them succeed. This requires an investment in management, which I talk about here.

Outsourcing to the Philippines was a $13 Billion business in 2013, but that also means that it’s getting increasingly competitive to hire great agents there. At Influx, we only hire in university towns in Indonesia, Kenya and Jamaica. That gets us 24 hour coverage with some of the best, most thoughtful agents and managers.


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