Why are so many publications switching to WordPress for their CMS, and what are the pros and cons of WordPress vs. Joomla, Expression Engine, or Drupal for an online magazine?

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Why is WordPress Preferred For CMS? (Content Management System)

The pro of WordPress compared to the other two: simplicity. The con of WordPress: everything else. I’ve seen my share of WordPress sites and can tell you – as long as you don’t need or want anything nonstandard, WordPress will do.


If you need something nonstandard, though, WordPress will quickly turn out far more expensive than alternatives. Drupal 8 even has a new distribution, the Thunder CMS (Content Management System) from Burta and Co. to cater to these exact needs.

I think one of the key problems is that Drupal currently offers less out of the box on the UI front than WordPress does. This makes it scary to start in but ultimately offers more flexibility.


Why Time would switch from Drupal-based CMS to WordPress is beyond me. If it truly is UI/UX that bothers them, then they should work on configuring it, rather than abandoning it, even D7 is capable of a lot these days. My guess is, they are facing an upgrade cycle to D8 and see WordPress as less of a hurdle to handle. However, I am relatively certain they will see an error in their ways eventually, as it comes to bite them financially.


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