Why is Microsoft Excel not a database?

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Why is Microsoft Excel not a database?

Why is Microsoft Excel not a database?

Why is Microsoft Excel not a database? the question arises. So here are some of the reasons for why is EXCEL is not a database. by kulfisoftware.

The simplest thing you can do is add formulas that refer to the cells in sheet 1 containing the information you want to replicate. So a simple =Sheet1!A1 should be enough. Repeat for as many cells as necessary across the row and copy down as required. Like that every time you add a new record the information is replicated/linked to the second sheet and then it’s up to you to fill in the rest. You could use VLOOKUP functions but that would be overkill for what you need based on your description.

  • Excel can store data, so at the very most fundamental definition, sure, it’s a database. A database is nothing but a set of data that has been organized.
  • You can make an organized data set in Word or inside an email for that matter. What Excel is not, it’s not a database management system. There is none of the multi-user, transactional, storage, indexing, etc., and ad infinitum, that makes up a database management system.
  • If you can’t spot all the things that a database managed within Excel is missing, then, yeah, I’d say within that matrix you’re linking to, you have a very introductory level of knowledge about data management and processing.

To the point, excel cannot handle a large data and also it doesn’t have a good interface.


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