Why should (or shouldn’t) one move a WordPress blog into Sitecore?

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In most cases we decided to use (or keep using) WordPress as a blog and integrate it transparently on the website by using the XML feed from wordpress and XMLrpc api to make the possibility of posting comments by public visitors.

This was the reason we choose to use WordPress. WordPress is unbeatable when it comes to simplicity for authors and editors. That is especially the case if they are already used to WordPress. It is also a big advantage to keep using wordpress if you have a lot of bloggers with their own credentials logging in into wordpress. In sitecore you would need additional seats (read: additional costs) to support a bulk of new users logging in into Sitecore simultaneously. Compared to the simple user-interface of WordPress, those users might become overwhelmed by the interface of sitecore even when you use Sitecore’s page editor mode.

Another reason to choose WordPress: why make your own blog when a leading blogsystem like WordPress is available for free? The amount of technical knowledge to install and host wordpress is minor compared to the amount of technical knowlegde to install, integrate and host Sitecore. We decided to use WordPress to do where it is made for: blogging.

Technically is is possible to have a ‘subdirectory’ in the URL of the Sitecore website from where a feed of the WordPress site is shown. That way you can use the look and feel of the corporate website and make the visitor believe that the blog is fully integrated in the website. You can use the XML feed of wordpress to retrieve all the blogs. (technote: make sure to add a cache object in c# on that feed). Also it is possible to postback comments to wordpress. A drawback of this useage is that wordpress itselve is not capeable anymore to measure the amount of visits on the blog. Google analytics can do that job for you 🙂

Also feedback forms can be managed by using the XMLrpc interface of wordpress. Another drawback of this: if you use plugins in wordpress to get feedback of your audience, this might be a problem.

As you can see, you have to arrange a bit of code to integrate a WordPress blog into your Sitecore website, but I think it sure has a lot of advantages for the authors and editors who already know WordPress.


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